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Pick-Your-Own (PYO)

Pick-Your-Own is easy. We supply you with all  you need to pick and you enjoy the picking.

What We Do...
  • Supply picking containers but you can use your own. Some containers have an attached cord that you can drape around your neck for carrying, The smaller ones are great for children.
  • Supply carry home containers.
  • Sell by the pound. 1.4 pounds equals one quart of blueberries.
  • Specify where to pick. Not all sections of the field may be open at the same time. Some may be undergoing maintenance or may have previously been picked out and need time to replenish.
  • Have cold, bottled water for sale should you get thirsty. It can get hot in the field when surrounded by bushes.

How to Pick Blueberries

  • Many blueberries are visible as you pass by the bush and you can easily pluck them off the branches as you stroll by.
  • Blueberries like to play hide and seek so if you don't see them, just brush the leaves aside or peek under the leaves and you'll see them hiding there.
  • Remember to look above and below eye level and inside and out. Berries grow everywhere on the bush.
  • Using a corded container is handy for picking since it leaves both hands free for picking with ready access to the container. Use a larger pail to empty it into as you go along.
  • Expert's Tip: select a bush and look for all the berries on your side of the bush before going on to the next bush in the row. You might think that stopping to look for berries would take longer than plucking just the visible ones as you stroll by but quite the opposite is true.
Picking Containers


Weighing Berries


Picking Berries