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About Us

History of our Farm 

Durocher Farm was established in 1943 by Hervey and Marie Durocher after relocating from Nashua NH. From then till now the farm continues to undergo change and innovation.

Farm Evolution. In its earliest days, Durocher Farm was a small start-up operation consisting of some chickens, a couple of cows, a borrowed horse, and a used truck
. Over the years, the farm evolved into a large poultry farm followed by a 150-acre vegetable farm with its produce trucked to the Boston wholesale market. All eight of the Durocher children worked on the family farm.The farm is now sectioned into the Pick-Your-Own (PYO) blueberry farm and separate corn and hay fields.

PYO Farm in 1975. In 1975, Hervey’s eldest son, Hervey Jr., established the pick-your-own farm together with his wife Joan and three children, and the help of his brother Ray. The farm specialized in strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The last strawberry harvest was in 2001 and the last raspberry harvest in 2011. The blueberry plants that Hervey Jr planted in the 1970's are still vigorous and producing plentiful blueberries for the pick-your-own farm. With proper care blueberry bushes can remain fruitful for over one hundred years.

PYO Farm Today. Hervey Jr. died in 2004. The PYO blueberry farm is now owned by members of the Durocher family and is operated by Bob and Jennifer Marr of Litchfield NH.

Photos of Early Farm

Marie Durocher and five of her eight children in the hay field shortly after acquiring the farm in 1943. Left to right, baby Claire with Marie, and on the truck, Ray, Claudette, Cecile and Hervey Jr. The other three children, Maurice, David and Denise, came along later.

From left to right on the borrowed horse are Claudette, Cecile, Ray and Hervey Jr. with their dad, Hervey Sr., standing.